Condolence & Memory Journal

I was shocked to learn about the sudden passing away of my ex-sister-in-law. Over the years Lucy and I have had a special relationship with her. She was after all the wife of our brother/brother-in-law Peter Scheffer. After her separation we kept in touch with her and it was always a pleasure to meet up with her on our visits to NY. When my dear Lycy unexpectedly died in S. Africa in Febr of last year, Lucille demonstrated an outstanding level of empathy with what had happened to me. She gave me in her various e-mails lots of consolation and advice. Re-reading those e-mails will for ever be a lasting support for me. Now that she is nolonger with us I will miss her greatly. The booklet she sent to me "Healing after Loss" by M. Hickman will continue to be a memory of Lucille, since in following her example I - like herself - I am reading a chapter/reflection each day. Lucille was a deeply religious person who certainly gave me inspiration. She will never disappear in my mind. Ton A.M. Scheffer, Belgium.

Posted by anton scheffer - HERENT BELGIUM - Family   June 04, 2021

I remember going to the Nutcracker and museums with Cheryl and Aunt Lucille. As kids she always treated us like adults and I always loved to be around her.
Cheryl, Joie de vivre is the perfect choice of words to describe Aunt Lucille ❤

Posted by Susanne shaw - Covington, WA - Family Friend   May 26, 2021

She was a wonderful person, it was a pleasure for me to meet her and work for her. I will miss you!

Posted by Annerys Nina - Bronx, NY - Friend   May 25, 2021

I am so lucky to have had Lucille Scheffer as my aunt. From suggesting the name Alex to my mother before I was born, to taking me to see the first Annie on Broadway with Andrea McCardle as a boy, to the excitement of seeing any new James Bond movie together and many delicious summer days at the NYAC as adults, she inspired me with her professional accomplishments and joy of life and helped shape the man I am today. I will miss you, Aunt Lucille!

Posted by Alex Smith Barbieri - Bronx, NY - Family   May 24, 2021

Lucille was a kind and loving soul who always saw the good in people. She loved her animals deeply and was always there to help anyone in need. I will miss her and our lengthy conversations which she always ended by saying love you.

Posted by Mary Lou Perillo - New Rochelle, NY - Family   May 22, 2021

Lucille what an exceptional humane being you were. You made a positive mark on so many. RIP
The Savino Family

Posted by Denise Savino - Long Island, NY - Family   May 20, 2021